Simple Methods To Save Electricity

Conserving electricity is one of those curtail things that we do not give much of an importance to. By saving the electricity, we are not just saving money we are reducing global warming. Knowingly or unknowingly we are wasting electricity in many ways. If we just consider an individual the amount of electricity that is wasted is very low. But if we consider the electricity that is wasted by everyone on a daily basis, then the number that you will arrive at will be unbelievable. Here are some simple methods through which electricity can be saved.

Natural light

During the day there is no necessity to use the tube light or any other form of light because we can totally depend on the sun’s light which is very much enough. All you need to do is to open up the windows and door so that the entire house will be lit up properly with natural light. It is not just about electricity, natural light is a great source of vitamin D, and natural air circulation will have a very positive impact on health.

Change the bulbs

It is high time that you bid goodbye to the old incandescent bulb and replace it with the latest CFL or LED bulbs. Compared to the incandescent bulbs the CFL and LED bulbs emit 98% less heat. They also have a long life and use electricity to the optimum levels. It is said the CFL bulbs use only 1/4th of the energy used by normal bulbs. The LED bulbs are a bit expensive when compared to CFL bulb, but they last longer.

Turn off when not in use

This is one of the very common mistakes that we do. It might be urgency or a careless attitude; we tend to leave the lights and fans as such and forget to turn off. Just think about it if we are leaving in the morning and returning home in the evenings what will be the condition of the appliances that are on throughout the day. Even though there is a considerable waste of electricity, there are also other things like a decrease in the lifetime of the appliance, poor performance in the long run and so on.

Periodic maintenance

Every appliance in the home that runs on electricity needs to be subjected to periodic maintenance. By doing this, you are making sure that the appliance properly and also saving a lot of electricity. If the appliance is in bad condition, there are very good possibilities that the appliance might consume a lot of electricity than the normal amount.

Use renewable energy

Using renewable energy is one of the easiest ways to save electricity. There are a lot of home appliances that can be used with the help of renewable energy like solar heater, solar cooker and a lot more. Even though it is a bit expensive, it is an investment that will be very profitable in the long run.

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